About Me


My mom loved to shop.  She loved nothing more than going to a store, looking at everything, and then buying something she loved.  I remember as a young girl going shopping with my grandmother and mom.  We would spend the day at the mall, going to every store we could then ending the day at dinner celebrating our fun day.  When mom became disabled, she turned from shopping in stores to shopping online.  She would spend an endless amount of time looking for that ‘perfect’ piece of jewelry to wear to the doctor’s office.  After she passed away, my brother and I found numerous boxes of brand new jewelry that she never even wore but the hours that she spent looking for that ‘perfect’ piece of jewelry brought her so much joy and happiness.


This is what inspired me to open Tin Lily Boutique with my daughter.  I wanted to bring the same kind of joy to people around the country that my mom had found when shopping. 


I hope you enjoy looking around the shop and find that ‘perfect’ item that brings you joy. 


Happy Shopping!!